Class 8 NCERT Solutions | Honeydew

1. The Best Christmas Present in the World
2. The Tsunami , Geography Lesson
3. Glimpses of the Past
4. Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory
5. The Summit Within
6. This is Jody’s Fawn
7. A Visit to Cambridge
8. A Short Monsoon Diary
9. The Great Stone Face–I
10. The Ant and the Cricket
11. The Kite
12. Macavity : The Mystery Cat
13. The Last Bargain
14. The School Boy
15. The Duck and the Kangaroo
16. When I set out for Lyonnesse
17. On the Grasshopper and Cricket

In this page we have provided chapters listed in Honeydew solutions of class 8. Students can open chapters by clicking on the list given above.